Bird The Robin“Bits and Pieces”

We are now into the start of the Summer months and from the start of June this brings with it a flood of calls from Customers stating “Bits and Pieces” are falling down our chimney, could you come along and take a look and sweep it please. It’s never happened before!

We have a set list of questions we ask when this happens.

(1) How long has it be going on for?

(2) Have you heard any noises coming from the Fire Place/ Appliance concerned?

(3) Has this ever happened before?

(4) Is it an Open Fire or Stove?

(5) Is it a Gas fire?

(6) If it’s a Gas fire is it and Open Coal or Log effect type?

(7) Is it a sealed Gas Fire unit? If it is can you obtain a registered Gas Safe engineer to be on site to remove the appliance and wait until we have removed the obstruction and swept the chimney to re-install it or would you like us to organise that on your behalf.

There is usually a simple explanation for the “Bits and Pieces” and that is “Birds”.

They perch on the rim of your pot and either doze off or loose there balance and slip down into the Chimney Pot and further down the Stack. Once they drop into the Pot it is virtually impossible for them to gain escape due to the nature of the pots construction. Panic sets in and the more they try to gain there exit the more tired they get and they end up dropping further down the chimney. The flapping of their wings is the usual culprit for the “Bits and Pieces” you notice dropping into your Hearth. In dirtier Coal burning Chimneys that have not been swept and maintained this can often lead to a “Soot Fall”. In some other cases the Bird will drop the complete length of the Chimney and enter into the room. I have some pictures of Customers rooms where this has happened and will post them on the Blog at a further date. Take my word for it when I say a soot covered bird entering your room is not a pleasant sight for the home owner to be greeted with!!

At clivescottchimneysweeps we have taken many calls this year concerning birds in Chimney’s and they have been mainly in the Southeast of London areas of Sidcup / Welling / Belvedere / Blackheath and surrounding.

Until the next time Clive

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