Clive Scott Chimney SweepsHi my name is Clive Scott.

I live in West Dartford with my wife Lorna, along with my Daughter and Son. I am originally from South Cornwall. Being born on the Lizard peninsular where many of my family still live to this day. Our Cornish family history can be traced back to the King of Prussia but most of them nowadays, I am pleased to say, are farmers and retired folk.

I moved to the North East of Essex at a very young age and lived there until some 6yrs ago when we moved down to Dartford. We still have a very large family contingent in North East Essex although that side of the family is not quite as colourful as the Cornish side. If you want to know more ask me when I come to sweep your chimney 😉

I have decided, at long last, to add a blog to my website. The main purpose of the blog is to try and keep all of you who are reading this informed as to all the latest techniques, services associated with my chosen profession and also to tell a few stories of my travels around Kent and Essex. My aim through the blog is to try to be as educational as possible and also, I hope, humour you with some of my stories.

Before I go any further I would really like to thank all of our customers, old and new, for there continued support, testimonials and business over the winter of 2012. It has been an excellent Sweeping season for us. It has seen us picking up a very large amount of new customers here in North West Kent. The amount of customers contacting us for maintenance and repair work to supply and fit Cowls, Bird Guards and Rain caps has seen a steady increase as well.

We have been delighted to meet you all and hope you were pleased with our services and we look forward to seeing you all again in the coming months. Many thanks once again.

Due to the cold snap extending ever further into 2013 many of us are still using our open fires and stoves as if we were still in the middle of winter! As I write this blog it is 8.30 am, 1c outside and it’s the 31st of March 2013. Yes it’s the first day of British Summer Time and it’s only just above freezing!

I have to admit though, as I sit here around my fire typing away, I am starting to have thoughts of those warm summer evenings sitting around the bbq with Family and friends. Yes the thought of good food and wine, alfresco, is definitely getting more and more appealing to me now the days are starting to grow longer!!

As I journey further field in Kent and the different areas covered, some of the sights I see are quite spectacular. Driving across the North Downs on my way home one evening last week I was confronted by a stunning view. It was one of Cottages, nestling in the Downs, a backdrop of the low evening sun going down in the distant west and swirls of smoke drifting out of their chimneys. Probably as close as you can get to a chimney sweeps idea of heaven!!

I also took the opportunity last week, in between jobs, to do some promotional flyer dropping in the Stansted, Riddley, Fairseat, Meopham, Hodsell Street and West Kingsdown areas. I met some really friendly, interesting and helpful people along the way. A very special thank you goes out to the two very kind ladies who took pity on me walking through wind and rain and invited me into there home for tea and biscuits!! You were both very charming and your hospitality and kindness will stay with me for a very long time.

This coming week we will be working in the Swanley area and dropping off flyers in between jobs. If you see us around, and just need some advice about your fire or stove, just stop us as we will be delighted to help where we can.

Have a really great Easter weekend and hopefully we will see you in the very near future.

I will talk to you all again in the very near future.


Clive Scott Chimney Sweeps

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