Hello to you all once again.

Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in clients seeking our services from Eltham, Charlton, Dulwich, Blackheath and Catford in South East London. South West London saw us going to Balham, Tooting and Wimbledon. Many of our new clients have contacted us via our website but we are extremely pleased that a very large amount who have contacted us for our services have come via recommendations.
Many thanks to all of you who have recommended us and the testimonials.

SootOver the next few months the areas covered which we will be posting promotional flyers through doors in Dartford, Meopham, Gravesend, Rochester, Eynsford, Farningham, Shoreham, Otford, Kemsing, Westerham, Sundridge, Swanley, Bexley and all surrounding areas so if you see us about and need any advice please stop us and ask.

It has come to our attention via our maintenance and repair work section that a lot of you out there are opening up boarded or closed fire places that have not been used for many years. The vast majority of owners of these properties tell us they were boarded up when they moved in and also go on to say “but we had home buyers survey’s done when we bought our house so they must be ok, don’t you think! Well our answer to that is quite simple,


Clivescottchimneysweeps.co.uk services, were recently asked by a client if we could install four vented caps to there chimney pots as they were experiencing damp problems and did not intend to use any of there fires in the foreseeable future. Builders had been in previously and done some sort of work on the Flaunching around the four Pots but this had not solved the problem. When it was explained to us the severity of the damp problem we advised a site visit before any work commenced. The reason for this being:

(1) To make sure the damp was a fault connected with the stack or pots and not a leaking pipe.

(2) To check on accessibility to the roof.

We inspected the fire place openings on both the ground and bedroom floors for signs of damp. Dampness was only visual at around four feet up the downstairs fire place opening in one room. We checked visually for signs of pipe work runs for leaks in the two bedrooms and none were found in the vicinity of the breasts.

HoleUpon entering the loft space the first thing we noticed was a pile of soot on the floor at the base of the internal side of the gather in the chimney breast. As the breast had been covered in some sort of boarding and partly artexed we could not visually see where the soot had come from with the naked eye. Going around to the outer side of the breast we were greeted with a gapping hole at the top of the bedroom flue gather. There was also damage to the mid feathers “brickwork” separating both the downstairs and bedroom flues to this side. The owner was advised and shown the damage.

A sweep to clear out any debris for all four chimneys was advised before capping off the chimneys but this was declined. The four vented caps were fitted to the pots and a visual survey of the pots showed cracks in one, probably due to an earlier chimney fire. The flaunching around the pots was of a very poor standard and re-pointing was, in our opinion, needed to parts of the stack. The owner was advised of our opinions and shown photographic evidence of work needed and of previous workmanship carried out by third parties.

Should the bedroom fire, and the downstairs dinning room fire, have ever been used without a Full Smoke Pressure Test and CCTV inspection, smoke and sparks would have filled the loft space without the occupants, in this case, knowing and the chance of a house fire would have been, in our opinion, just a matter of time.
Situations like this are very rare, but do, as we have shown, exist.

Clivescottchimneysweeps.co.uk advise that if you are contemplating using your fire for the first time, please, get them swept and checked beforehand.



Pictures from our gallery that we took on site, showing the damage to the chimney breast in the loft.

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