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In the year 1730 HRH King George 11 was traveling in a Horse drawn Carriage when its Horses bolted. One person stepped out from the crowd and arrested the horses thus saving the King’s Life. This person was a Chimney Sweep. On that day a very relieved King George announced by Royal Decree that all Chimney Sweeps were Bearers of Good Luck and were to be treated with Respect.



Folk Law


Over the centuries since this Decree was passed it has been considered Good Luck if a Bride sees a Chimney Sweep on her Wedding Day. Luckier still if he greets the Bride with a kiss and shakes the Groom’s hand as they emerge from the Wedding Venue. The Tradition and Romantic Mystique surrounding a Chimney Sweep is as strong today as it was all those centuries ago and many Brides still hope to get a glimpse of a Chimney Sweep on their Special Day.



Our Services


We at clivescottchimneysweeps believe in being as authentic as possible when attending a Wedding. We don’t just turn up on the day, we travel to the venue beforehand  and  work out the best way of letting the unsuspecting Bride get a glimpse of  the Sweep on her journey to the Church or Venue. We then liaise with whoever is organizing the Wedding and discuss the Sweeps attendance with our recommendations for our part in the day’s events.

On the Wedding Day we present the Bride with a Personalized Lucky Chimney Sweeps Scroll.

A Gift of Coal, Soot and Ash, which is taken from Hearths of Chimneys that we Sweep.

Folk law has it that this represents Warmth and Luck.

All of the above are Gift Wrapped and Designed In House by Ourselves.

We are happy to stay at the Church or Venue until all you’re Photographic and Video needs are met.

We will always go that extra mile to make sure our part in the Special Day is one to remember.


Pricing for Our Services start from as little as   £ 100.00

Please feel free to Contact Us for further Information.

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