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This past week has seen the calls come flooding in from far and wide.

Some of the areas we have covered are the Isle of Grain, East Farley, Yalding, Paddock Wood, Otford, Tonbridge, Peckham Rye, Westerham, Ightam, Sidcup, Black Heath, Belvedere, Swanley, Gravesend, Dartford, Swanley Village, Offham, Wrotham, Upminster, Emerson Park, Grays, and Magaretting to name but a few.

As usual we are pleased to say that we are still managing to fit in appointments around our customer’s busy schedules even in this hectic period!

The rise in homes using Stoves to supplement their heat supply is now growing at an astonishing rate.

Due to the super-efficient Clean Burning “DEFRA” approved Stove’s now in the market place it is becoming very common to be called in to sweep them in the smoke free zones of the London Borough and surrounding areas. No longer is the use of Stoves and the burning of logs being associated with just homes in the countryside. It is very common for me to see logs stacked up in the gardens of city homes on my travels. Logs burnt in these new generation stoves are probably one of the cleanest, non-polluting forms of heating we have on the market. 

A couple of months ago the Kent branch of the renowned Suffolk Company, Wood Burning Solutions, was opened at the Hawley Road Garden centre near Dartford.  The expertise and knowledge they hold in their chosen field is second to none and we at clivescottchimneysweeps are very happy to recommend and be associated with them.

A link to Wood Burning Solutions website can be found on our home page.

If you have or are going to purchase a Stove it is very important that it and its Liner are properly maintained.

The burning of DRY, SEASONED and PROPERLY SOURSED, SUSTAINABLE WOOD is essential for both your Stove and its Liner and also the environment.

Running your Stove at the correct temperature set out by the manufacturer is also vital.

Replacing worn Stove Door Rope and replacing broken Door Glass when necessary will keep the Stove working to its optimum capacity.

When purchasing a Stove ask the supplier to show you how to remove the baffle plate so as to keep it clear from ashes swept onto it by the draw of your stove. Keeping the baffle clear will help maintain the efficiency of your stove.

Stuart, Tony, Jim and the rest of the team at the wood burning solutions showroom are always on hand and happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Stoves.

The sweeping of a Stoves Stainless Steel Liner on a regular basis will also help maintain the efficiency of your Stove and also prolong the life time of the Liner.

A clean unobstructed Liner is also a safe Liner.

I have on occasion had conversations with people who have had Stoves fitted with Liners where they are convinced that because they have a liner fitted they don’t need to get it swept.

Blocked Flues can kill.

Carbon monoxide is not choosy or fussy about who it attacks so please maintain your Stove and its Liner and get it swept on a regular basis.

By using an ICS registered Chimney Sweep you can be assured of a friendly and first class service.

On a final note please fit or have a professional/competent person fit for you a Carbon Monoxide Detector. They are relatively inexpensive and as we all know they can and do save lives.

Please visit the Kent Fire and Service’s website for any further information you may need regarding the safe use of fires and CO2 detectors in the home.

You can also visit www.instituteofchimneysweeps.com and view some of the film footage regarding fire safety that Danny and the team at ICS did in conjunction with Kent Fire and Rescue’s fire safety week.



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