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Now the cold weather is starting to take hold we are all beginning to light up our stoves and open fires for the first time since last winter.

It is important that your chimney or liner is swept prior to use and we don’t get carried away and try to get to big a fire going to soon.

Start off with a small fire in either your open fire or stove at first and gradually let it increase in size. What we want to achieve is a gradual build-up of heat in the stove and its liner and in the case of an open fire we need to gradually heat up the internal structure of the chimney.

A stove, its liner and chimney will work far more efficiently once it gets hot but we feel the heating up period should be done at a steady pace.

We also feel that it is also very important that if we are burning wood that it should be seasoned and dry. We personally only burn wood that has been felled and stored properly over a, two year plus, period.

If you are not in a position to obtain and store larger amounts of timber a better option may be to purchase kiln dried timber. It may be a more expensive option but it would mean that you can use it immediately.

Carbon monoxide detectors, we feel, are a must have to anyone who intends to use either a solid fuel or gas fired form of heating. They only cost a few pounds and are vital for your health and safety.

We have been pleased to work alongside The Institute of Chimney Sweeps and in conjunction with Kent Fire and Rescue Service in their efforts this year to promote Carbon Monoxide Awareness in the home and work place.

A link will appear on this site shortly showing the video of the opening of the new ICS training centre in Maidstone by Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

There was also a Fire Safety week earlier in the year which we also actively supported.

As usual we would like to thank all of our Customers for their support and recommendations over the past year here in Kent and South East London. It is and always will be very much appreciated.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank, Wayne, the unsung hero and customer who patiently and untiringly does all the hard work behind the scenes of our website!!

Many of you have kindly commented about the website over the past months and some have even offered your own views on small changes here and there.

Being the front man, so to speak, I get to take all the credit for it from you the customer, but trust me when I say that I only play a small part in its upkeep and maintenance.



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