Our Services Offered
Chimneys and Flues Swept and Vacuumed.
Open Fires, Wood Burning Stoves, Multi Fuel Stoves, Aga’s, Rayburn’s, Jet Masters, Inglenooks, and Gas Fires.
Bird Nests and Blockages Removed.
CCTV Inspections.
Pots, Cowls, Bird Guards and Register Plates.
Stove Restoration/Repairs.

It is important to ensure your chimney is swept at least once a year.

Our Visit to You
At C W J SCOTT Chimney Sweeps we pride ourselves on our fast, friendly, reliable service. A lot of our business has been built on repeat work and recommendations.
When we visit a client for the first time there is always that unknown element as with any trade coming to your home for the first time.
Our aim is to put you at ease as quickly as possible as we want you to pick up the phone and book us again next time you need a Sweep.
We always treat your home as if it were our own and every care is taken at all times.
When the Chimney Sweep arrives he will introduce himself to you and then come inside to take a look at your Fire Place Opening or Stove which is to be swept.
He will then make an external visual inspection of your Chimney Stack, Pots and Cowls.
We lay a sheet in front of the fireplace and use specially manufactured sweeps soot cloths to cover the fireplace and retain the soot behind.
It is advisable that before we arrive you move any items from the Mantel piece and around the fire opening, and should you wish, cover any furnishings which are in close proximity to the fire or stove. The covering of furnishings is purely due to the fact that we will be coming in and out and don’t want to brush up against them with any equipment. Please also remove any unburnt fuel from the Grate.
Ideally we like at least 6 square feet of clear area around the fireplace in which to work but know that this is not possible in some of the smaller homes and cottages we visit. If your fire is in a small room don’t worry we will sweep it somehow.
The chimney sweep will be using High tech chimney sweeping equipment keeping mess to the bare minimum.
The only time there may be some mess is if we have to remove a bird’s nest or blockage but you will be informed before any work commences. Any mess in this operation will be kept to a bare minimum.
On wet days we ask that you cover floorings or light carpets from the door to the fireplace with sheets to aid the sweeps movements in and out of your home.
Please feel free to ask us any questions relating to your Fire/ Stove or Chimney as we will be happy to answer your questions to the best of our ability.
Don’t forget to see the Brush out of the Chimney and make a wish!!
It also shows that your Chimney has been thoroughly swept.
At C W J SCOTT Chimney Sweeps, we take pride in our work.

C W J SCOTT CHIMNEY SWEEPS are Registered Members of ( I C S )
The Institute of Chimney Sweeps

Please note:
Whilst every effort is taken, a chimney stack, pot and cowl should be sound enough to withstand the chimney sweeping process. If for any reason a pot or cowl breaks or becomes dislodged during the sweeping process the sweep cannot take any responsibility. We will wherever possible eliminate this risk. However in the unlikely event of a mishap arising, we will endeavour to carry out, replace and repair to the best of our ability and at a reduced charge to the home owner, any remedial work necessary.

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Our Terms and Conditions
Once an appointment has been made you will be given a date and time for our visit.
Where ever possible we will give you a time slot i.e.: between 8am -10am or 3 pm – 5pm. “As examples” We will “ at all times” try our best to get to you between the times we give but at times we may encounter a birds nest or blockage in a chimney we are working on or there maybe traffic problems en-route.

We will endeavour, at all times, to keep you informed if this should happen and if need be make a re-booking, “at your convenience” for another appointment if the re-scheduling on the day does not fit in with you.

If for any reason you cannot keep to your appointment please inform us by phone, at least 48 hours before your allocated time. In emergencies we are flexible with this but please inform us.

If we turn up within the allocated times and are not able to gain entry to the property for whatever reason to carry out the work, we will have to make a charge for the Sweeps time and traveling expenses.

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