Sale SignHello once again.

This month saw us introduce our “Summer Price Rates”.

The idea behind this was to try and encourage customers, new and old, to have their chimney’s swept when our sweeping workload is not quite so frantic. The slight reduction in price, whilst not huge, did tempt a lot of you to get in touch.

Thanks to you all.

This autumn we envisage a heavy work load as the previous long drawn out winter season saw us all using our stoves and open fires for a much extended period.

If, as we hope, you will be using our services the next time you need a Sweep, please contact us as early as possible.

On our travels around Kent and Southeast London It has come to our attention that a lot of people who have Stoves with liners are not getting them swept on a regular basis!!

What we are hearing from some clients is this:

Because we paid out for a liner to be installed we didn’t think we needed to get it swept that often!!

Most Reputable Stove Suppliers and Fitters, will and should, go through everything connected with the safe running and maintenance of your appliance. Unfortunately there are some out there, as within any organisation, who do not adhere to the strict Guidelines and Regulations set down by their governing bodies.

We recommend that for the occasional evening and weekend burn you have your appliance swept once a year and for heavier usage you have it swept at least twice a year. The burning of dry, seasoned wood is a must and we feel that under no circumstances should the burning of Coniferous wood be undertaken.

We also get asked “can we have a Stove as we live in a smokeless zone” The answer to that is “YES” providing it is a DEFRA approved Stove. If you are thinking about buying a Stove and are unsure about which type of Stove to purchase, contact your local Stove Shop or your local Council for Advise.

Buying stoves online is an ever more popular and in some cases cheaper proposition. But what we would say is before, wherever possible, visit a Stove Shop before you make an online purchase as sometimes people are very disappointed with what gets wheeled through their front door. In most Stove/ Fireplace shops you can actually see some of the stoves they have in burning. When there you will get a feel for the design of Stove you are thinking about buying. Size / Style / KWS etc. The Venting of Stoves is very important and is a legal requirement on stoves of 5 KWS and above. For further info please take time to look up building regulation J.

At, we do not, at this time, supply or fit Stoves of any sort and you can be rest assured that any advice and information we give will be of a totally unbiased nature.

Also we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that at, we Do not sub-contract any of our “Chimney Sweeping” out to third parties and nor do we take on sub-contract work for others Sweeps.

Hopefully we will see you soon,

Until the next time Clive.

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